Sri Addagada Venu Gopal Secretary & Correspondent I/C

I deem it as a privilege to be associated with one of the premier institutions of the then colleges of Madras presidency, presently the Lead College in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh VRS & YRN College which was inaugurated by Sri. Bezwada Gopala Reddy in the year 1951. The vision and mission of the great philanthropists of the college, Vidya poshaka sri Vutukuri Ramayya Sreshti garu and the eminent altruist Sri. Yarlagadda Ranganayakulu Naidu garu is evident in the college emblem “UDYATHE NAMAH, UDAYATHE NAMAH, AND UDITHAYANAMAH.”

Ours is a rural based lead College, has been striving to meet the educational needs of the poor and disadvantaged students. It is bringing out the best human resources and enhancing the quality of life of the people in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh. The College has successfully completed 64 years in the service of higher education and has impressively conducted Silver Jubilee in 1977 and Golden Jubilee Celebrations in 2001.

As a response to the distinguished initiative of University Grants Commission for quality enhancement and quality sustenance in Higher Education, we have gone for accreditation of UGC-NAAC in the year 2007 and was ranked B++ grade. This year our college is appearing for the cycle 2 of NAAC reaccreditation.

Today education means much more than merely acquiring knowledge. It is acquisition of knowledge and skills, building character and improving employability of our young talent, the future leadership we inherited a strong foundation to march ahead and achieve the within mentioned education objectives for a stronger and brighter India. Through our diligence, devotion and dedication let us bring laurels to the college as well as to the society at large.

Sri VV Ramachandra Vasu President

I deem it my good fortune, on this auspicious occasion, to recapitulate sweet memories of the past since my childhood as I am blessed with an opportunity of witnessing the greatness of the above great personalities from my close quarters. The college has grown from strength to strength under the dedicated and visionary leadership of the three distinguished personalities namely Vutukuri Ramayya Sreshti, Solasa Satyanarayana and Jararlamudi Sivaram Prasad. They strived their best to rescue those in distress and their social concern for the fellow beings won the admiration of many in these parts. They stood as a shinning example to others in building and managing educational institution with a missionary zeal.

I feel privileged to claim my-self as a student of this college from 1961 to 1966 under the highly renowned teachers who lived forever in the hearts of academic circles. I am fortunate to declare to be a student of the principals Sri Tekumalla Rama Rao and Sri Polavarapu Jagadisewara Rao who served the college for over three decades. They put their indelible impressions through their most outstanding administration and maintenance of high academic standards.

My participation in the activities of VRS & YRN college committee in the capacity of president since 1985 enabled me to follow the foot prints of my predecessors. After my-self becoming the president I have associated with Sri J. Ramakrishna Prasad, Dr Y. V. Pratap kumar, Dr Y. E. Ch Vidya Sagar who served as the Secretary & Correspondents of the committee in succession and Smt Jararlamudi Lakshmi Bhavani at present. It is time that every effort is made to improve the quality of education, by ensuring that teachers continue to be students of the subject by giving their undivided attention to their scholastic tasks and pursuits. In these days of dynamic changes in the field of higher education, it is a matter of gratification that VRS & YRN college committee is committed to preserve pristine purity, academic serenity and excellence with uncompromising will and determination cherishing the ideals set by the founding fathers of this institution in promoting the cause of higher education.

I convey greetings to the members of the college committee. I sincerely congratulate the principal, the staff, both teaching and non-teaching and students for their dedicated efforts to uphold the dignity and pride of this great institution.

Chief Donors

# Name of the Donor Successor
1. Vidyaposhaka Late Sri Vutukuri Ramayya Sreshti, Chirala Sri Vutukuri Venkata Ramachandra Vasu
2. Yarlagadda Ranganayakulu Naidu Charities, Karamchedu Smt. Yarlagadda Uma Devi (Trustee)

Chief Promoters

# Name of the Donor Successor
1. Chirala Municipality, Chirala Chairmen / Representative
2. ILTD Company, Chirala FM / Representative


# Name of the Donor Successor
1. Late Sri Yarlagadda Ranganayakulu Naidu, Karmchedu Sri Nannapaneni Buchaiah, Tenali
2. Late Sri Yarlagadda Ramanadha Babu, Karamchedu Sri Nannapaneni Subhaschandra Bose
3. M/s Polisetty Subbarayudu Company, Late Sri Guntur Nagendrudu, Chirala Sri Gunturu Madhava Rao
4. Sri Jagarlamudi Ramachandra Chowdary, Karamchedu Sir J. Lakshmi Narayana
5. Sri Jagarlamudi Jagadeesh Krishna Prasad, Karamchedu Sri J. Jagadeesh Krishna Prasad
6. Sri Jagarlamudi Ramakrishna Prasad, Karamchedu Smt. J. Lakshmi Bhavani
7. Sri Jagarlamudi Ramdev Chowdary, Karamchedu Sri J. Ramdev Chowdary, USA


# Name of the Donor Place Successor / Nominated Member
1 Dr. Solasa Satynarayana, MBBS Chirala Sri Solasa Siva Prasad
2 Sri Maddala Subrahmanyam Chirala Sri Maddala Venkateswarlu
3 Sri Noone Venkatasubbaiah & N. Chenchaiah Chirala Sri Nagavarapu Krishna Prasad
4 Sri Potti Veeraiah Sreshti Chirala Sri Batchu Sambasiva Rao
5 Sri Ravula Hariprasada Rao Pantulu, B.A., B.L. Chirala Sri Ravula Chkravarthy
6 Sri Siram Ranaganayakulu Sons Chirala Sri Siram Ranganadha Babu
7 Sri Yenisetty Ranaganayakulu Chirala Sri Y. Hari Koteswara Rao
8 Sri Kottamasu Ranganayakulu Gupta Chirala Sri Kottamasu Koteswara Rao
9 Sri Thatikonda Subbarayudu Chirala Sri Thatikonda Jowhar Saibaba
10 Sri Panchangnula Suryanrayana Chirala
11 Sri Noone Mallikarjunudu Chirala Sri Noone Venkata Rama Rao
12 Sri Padmanabhuni Bapanaiah & Sons Chirala Sri Padmanabhuni Madhava Rao
13 Sri Grandhi Venkatasubbaiah Sons Chirala Sri Grandhi Purnachandra Sarath Babu
14 Sri Guggilam Nagabhushanam Co. A.V.Subba Rao Chirala Sri Aravapalli Manikya Rao
15 Sri Vutukuri Anjaneyulu Co, & Kota Venkatadri Chirala Sri Vutukuri Venkateswara Rao
16 Sri Banda Venkata Narsu Pantulu Chirala Sri Banda Chandra Sehar
17 Sri D. Vidyanadham, K.Subba Rao & N. Punnaiah Chirala Sri Draksharam Dhanunjaya Rao
18 Sri Kandimalla Raghavaiah Chilakaluripeta Sri K. Hari Babu
19 Sri Madhu Cotton Trading Company Chilakaluripeta
20 Sri Mannem Singaiah Thimmasamudram Sri Mannem Sivanageswararao
21 Sri Gadagottu Rataiah Gannavaram Sri Kolla Sambasiva Rao
22 Sri Valiveti Sreeramamurthy Chirala Sri M. Poornachandra Rao
23 Sri Nerella Subbaiah Gupta & Co Chirala Sri N.P.Gopala Krishna Murthy
24 Sri Bhavanam Venkataramireddy Yerramvaripalem
25 Sri Maddineni Rangaiah Nuzellapalli Sri M. Hanumantha Rao
26 Sri Prathipati Tirupathi Rayudu Narasayapalem
27 Dr. K. Sadananda Rao, MBBS. Chirala Sri K. Venkatewara Prasad
28 Sri Jagarlamudi Venkateswarlu Karamchedu Sri Raghu Babu
29 Sri Alapati Narasimham & Gurram Peddabai Chirala Sri Gurram Mohan Rao
30 Smt Kandukuri Koteswaramma Chirala Sri Kandukuri Venkata Subbarayudu
31 Smt Kolluri Venkata Subbamma Inkollu Sri Kolluri Panakala Rao
32 Smt Sriram Bapanamma Chirala Sir Maddu Badari Narayana
33 Dr Gorantla Subba Rao, MBBS. Chirala
34 Sri Komaraneni Subba Rao Komaranenivaripalem
35 Sri Chennupati Venkataswamy Duddukur Sri Nalluri Poorna Chandra Rao
36 Sri Chunduri Venkateswarlu Chirala Sri Chunduri Venkata Narayana
37 Sri Pokuri Ragahvaiah Chirala Sri Pokuri Krishnamurthy
38 Sri Venkateswara Traders Chirala Sri Bommisetty Sivaram Prasad
39 Sri Gorantla Rataiah Annambhotlavaripalem Sri Gorantla Venkata Rao
40 Sri Chelukuri Narasimha Rao Annambhotlavaripalem Sri Chelukuri Sivanageswara Rao
41 Sri Narra Venkata Subba Rao Annambhotlavaripalem Sri Narra Srimanarayana
42 Sri Kandimalla Srinivasa Rao Chilakaluripeta
43 Sri Daggubati Lakshmaiah Karamchedu Sri D. Raghva Rao
44 Sri MV Sivannarayana Patimedapalem Sri Karumudi Sambasiva Rao
45 Sri Divvela Ramakrishnaiah & Sons Chirala Sri DV Lakshmi Narasimha Rao
46 Sri Ramisetty Ramakondaiah Chirala Sri Ramisetty Venkata Siva Prasad
47 Sri Palepu Ranganadham Chirala Sri Palepu Murali Krishna
48 Dr. B. Radhakrishnamurthy, M.S. Chirala Sri AP Gopala Rao
49 Sri Akshintala Mukteswara Rao Chirala Sri Akshintala Srinivasa Rao
50 Sri Kolla Subba Rao B.A. s/o Janakiramaiah Nagulapalem Sri J.Sivaram Krishna
51 Sri Addagada Venkateswarlu Nagulapalem Sri Addagada Venu Gopal
52 Smt Muddana Machamma Thimmasamudram Sri Mandava Prabhakar
53 Sri Chilukuri Nageswararao Chilikuivaripalem
54 Sri Gorantla Veraiah Chowdary Veerannapalem Sri G. Ramesh Babu
55 Management & Staff of TJPS College, Guntur Guntur Principal
56 Sri Marri Ramamurthy Annambhotlavaripalem Sri M. Nageswara Rao
57 Sri Narra China Lingaiah Gannavaram Sri N. Venakta Subba Rao
58 Sri Chebrolu Chenchaiah Chirala Sri Chebrolu Jogeswararao
59 Smt. Syed Ali Bi Vetapalem Sri Sk. Shameem
60 Sri Chebrolu Koteswara Rao Chirala Sri Chebrolu Babajirao
61 Sri Amara Venkata Subbaiah Chirala Sri Amara Ravindra Kumar
62 Sri Noone Panduranga Vital Mohan Kumar Chirala Sri Nagavarapu Venkateswararao
63 Smt. Jagarlamudi PLV Prasunamba Karamchedu Smt M.Suneeta
64 Smt. Jagarlamudi Rajini Devi Karamchedu
65 Sri Sreeram Venkateswarlu Vetapalem Sri Grandhi Venkata Krishna Mohana Rao
66 Sri Kothineni Vasantha Rao Gottipadu Smt. K. Varalakshmi
67 Sri Dasari Ramakantham Chirala Dr. D. Bala Sankara Rao, M.S.
68 Sri Dhulipalla Subba Rao Gannavaram Sri Mupparaju Srinivasa Rao
69 Sri Gollapudi Ramamohana Rao Chirala Sri GVN Raju
70 Sri Alapati Veeraraghavulu Chirala Sri Grandhi Nageswararao
71 Sri Kolla Ramaiah Chowdary Nagulapalem Sri Kolla Subhash Babu
72 Sri Yerra Seetaramaiah Kankatapalem Sri Yerra Ankamma Chowdary
73 Sri Yarlagadda Venkatakrishnaiah Kankatapalem Sri Y. Purnachanra Rao
74 Smt Jagarlamudi Machamma Rachapudi Sri J. Balakrishna Murthy
75 Smt Pentyala Ananthamma Chandalur Sri Addagada Venkata Subhaiah
76 Sri Karumanchi Veeraiah Narasayapalem
77 Sri Gorantla Chinavenkateswarlu Veerannapalem Sri Gorantla Rama Krishna Prasad
78 Sri Ghanta Bhaskara Rao Chirala Sri G. Anil Kumar
79 Sri Nallamothu Subba Rao Hanumojipalem Sri N. Ramesh Babu
80 Dr. M. Rama Rao, MBBS. Annambhotlavaripalem Sri M. Ramesh Chandra
81 Sri Chilukuri Rama Rao Annambhotlavaripalem
82 Sri Boggavarapu Peda Ammaiah Uppalapadu Sri Anche Nageswara Rao
83 Sri Muddana Bhaskara Rao Thimmasamudram Sri M. Rama Manga Babu
84 Sri Boggavarapu Venkateswarlu Chirala Sri Tulabandu Venkata Suresh Babu
85 Smt Addagada Lakshmi Devamma Nagulapalem Sri Siva Rama Krishna
86 Sri YRK Reddy Yerramvaripalem Smt. Y. Nirmala Devi
87 Sri Annadatha Koteswara Rao Perala Sri Annadatha Ramesh Babu
88 Smt Nagabyru Annapoorna Nagabhyruvaripalem Sri Nagabyru Subba Rao
89 Sri P. Lakshmaiah Muppala Sri Karanam Balarama Krishna Murthy
90 Sri Y.Venkataramakrishna Nagulapalem Sri Y. Ramesh
91 Smt Velidi Mangamma Thimmasamudram Smt. Muddana Rangamma
92 Sri Annem Veeranjaneyaswamy Bhimavaram Sri A. Surendra
93 Sri Tella Nagabhushanam Thimmasamudram Sri Muddana Chenchulakshmi
94 Sri Kambhampati Nageswararao Thimmasamudram
95 Sri Karanam Sivalingeswararao Thimmasamudram Sri K. Rameswara Prasanna Kumar
96 Sri Kambhampati Haribabu Thimmasamudram
97 Sri Janapamala Brahmajee Rao Chirala
98 Sri Bobbala Pitchaiah Annambhotlavaripalem Sri Bobbala Srinivasarao
99 Sri Aravapalli Venkateswarlu Penukudurupadu Sri Aravapalli Radhakrishna Murthy
100 Sri Gottipati Yagnanarayana Pasumarru Sri Veera Raghava Rao
101 Sri Yarlagadda Haribabu Kunkalamarru Sri Gorantla Prasad
102 Sri Divvela Rama Satyanarayana Chirala
103 Sri Paleru Venkateswarlu Rachapudi
104 Sri Alapati Venkata Subbaraidu & Sons Chirala Sri Alapati Madhusudanarao
105 Sri Jagarlamudi Chowdarayya Karamchedu Sri J. Subba Rayudu
106 Smt Yarlagadda Seethamba Karamchedu Sri J. Tirupathi Rayudu
107 Sri Thotakura Ranga Rao Santharavoor
108 Sri Muddana Sambasivarao Thimmasamudram
109 Sri B. Anji Reddy Vankayalapadu Sri B. Srinivasa Reddy
110 Sri Karanam Koteswararao Thimmasamudram
111 Sri Nayudi Chenchaiah Chowdary Thimmasamudram Sri Nayudi Srinivasa Babu
112 Sri Kambhampati Murali Krishna Babu Thimmasamudram Sri K. Venkatesh Babu
113 Sri Kommineni Ankamma Chowdary B.A. Jammulapalem
114 Sri Gorantla Seshagirirao Thimmasamudram
115 Sri Vellamacheti Rama Rao Upputur Sri V. Prasad
116 Sri Nalluri Venkatarao Santharavoor
117 Sri Chennupati Somaiah & Veeraiah Narasayapalem Sri Ch. Nageswara Rao
118 Sri Balineni Subrahmanyeswararao Uppalapadu Sri Ancha Nageswararao
119 Sri Bobbala Venkateswarlu Annambhotlavaripalem Sri Gorantla Sarath Babu
120 Sri Konakanchi Venkateswarlu Annambhotlavaripalem Sri Konakanchi Ramesh Babu
121 Sri Somepalli Radhakrishnamurthy Annambhotlavaripalem Sri Somepalli Venkata Ratnam
122 Sri Kukkapalli Veerayya Chowdary Verranapalem
123 President, Lions Club, Chirala Chirala Sri MV Subba Rao
124 Smt. Karanam Ramatulasamma Inkollu Smt P.Chenchulakshmi Subbayamma
125 Sri Ravi Muttaiah Chowdary Kunkalamarru
126 Smt. Bhrugumalla Seeta Mahalakshmi Chirala Sri Bhrugumalla Raghunayaka Gupta
127 Smt. Peddi Sridevi Chirala Sri NPGK Murthy
128 Sri Gadamsetty Satyanarayana Chirala Sri G.Venkata Satya Narasimha Rao
129 Sri Aravapalli Lakshminarayana Chirala Sri VRS Kumar
130 Sri Cheedella Nagendrudu Chirala Sri Cheedella Venkateswara Rao

Life Members

# Name of the Patron Place
1 Sri Maddi Lakshmaiah & Co., Pvt. Limited Chilakaluripet
2 Sri Gorantla Raghavaiah Kotapadu
3 Sri Chava Venkateswarlu Ipurupalem
4 Sri J. Kishore Babu Kavali
5 Sri P. Janardhan Murthy Vijayawada
6 Sri Kannegari Papa Rao Narasayapalem
7 Sri Ganta Rajagopala Rao Pusapadu
8 Sri Gorantla Nageswara Rao Inkollu
9 Sri Muddana Subba Rao Eddanapudi
10 Sri Bachina Suryanarayana Eddanapudi
11 M/s R. Devendra Nadham & Sons Perala
12 M/s Sree Vekateswara Oil Trading Co Chirala
13 Sri Ghanta Krishna Murthy Pusapadu
14 M/s Kirana Merchants Association Inkollu
15 M/s Chemists & Druggist Association Chilakaluripeta
16 Principal, PBN College Nidubrolu
17 M/S Divvela Seetharamaswamy & Sons Chirala
18 Sri Vutukuri Subba Rao Chirala
19 Sri Cherukuri Subba Rao Naguluppalapadu
20 M/s Devisetty Rama Murthy & Polisetty Seetharama Chandra Rao& Co. Chirala
21 Sri Pidaparty Rami Reddy Subbareddipalem

Distinguished Personalities of the College

Vidya Poshaka and Vidya Data Sri Vutukuri Ramayya Sreshti was the founder and Chief Donor who sowed a sacred seed for Vutukuri Ramayya Sreshti College (VRS College) in 1951 for promotion of higher education in this backward region of Chirala. He made an initial donation of Rs. 50,000/- and established the College. The College committee was registered on 4th May 1951 with Sri Vutukuri Ramayya Sreshti as life President and his son-in-law Dr. Solasa Satyanarayana as the Secretary and Correspondent. The College was inaugurated by Sri Bezawada Gopala Reddy, the then Finance Minister of composite Madras State and a close friend of Sri Vutukuri Ramayya Sreshti. On the name of Yarlagadda Ranganayakulu Naidu Sri Jagarlamudi Sivarama Prasad shouldered the responsibility of the Trust created by Sri Ranganayakulu Naidu, his grandfather. He donated Rs. 1,00,000/- from the Trust to VRS College in the pursuit of its growth Sri Ramayya Sreshti also gave Rs. 50,000/-to improve the financial position of the College. Subsequently, the college has been renamed as VRS & YRN College.The College was housed in the Municipal Elementary School and NR & PM High School and Vutukuri Kotaiah Memorial Hall in the formative years. Sri Vutukuri Ramayya Sreshti and Dr. Satyanarayana have worked relentlessly for the development of the college and they have acquired 110 acres of spacious land away from Chirala and they could complete permanent buildings on war footing by the year 1956. Auditorium is one of the beautiful structures constructed in those times along with other buildings.

Sri Vutukuri Ramayya Sreshti a visionary has dedicated his life for the promotion of education in Chirala town. He is known for philanthropy and made many charities to the social causes and he was inherited of these qualities from his ancestors. His father Vutukuri Kotaiah donated 7 acres of land to Bear Hospital for just receiving medical treatment from the Hospital. That was his generosity to a social cause

Sri Vutukuri Ramayya Sreshti was a friend of Andhra Ratna Duggirala Gopala Krishnaiah and he generously supported his movement in 1921 and helped many people during freedom struggle by serving as Guntur District Congress Board Member. In 1931, he served as Chirala Municipal Chairman as peoples’ leader who received appreciations from all sections of Society for his selfless services. Sri Vutukuri Ramayya Sreshti constructed Vutukuri Kotaiah Memorial town hall in Chirala in 1944 and he was closely involved in the installation of statues of Mahatma Gandhi and Andhra Ratna Duggirala Gopalakrishnayya in the town. He magnanimously donated money to Chirala High School, Rama Mandiram, Arya Vysya Sangham and Sri Vasavi Kanyaka Parameswari Temple. He was a lover of arts and Culture and served as President of Chirala Lalithakala Smithi. In 1956, the then Governor appointed Sri Vutukuri Ramayya Sreshti as Senate Member of Andhra University for his distinguished services in the field of education. Sri Madandhra Vidya Peetham a religious organisation awarded him as Vidya Poshaka for his exemplary services for promotion of education. The entire elite of Chirala town honoured him for his selfless services and Charity on the occasion of his completion of 60 years in the year 1964. He passed away in June 1965 by creating a void for the college, family and the people of Chirala. Behind a progressive institution of this magnitude, there is driving force of a great visionary like Vutukuri Ramayya Sreshti.