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     VRS & YRN College Committee, Chirala

                    (Sponsors of Vutukuri Ramayya Sreshti  &  Yarlagadda Ranganayakulu Naidu College )

Welcome to VRS & YRN College Committee, Chirala



                              Past Management of the College

Vidya Poshaka Vutukuri Ramayya Sreshti
Founder, Chief Donor & Life President
1951 1965
Sri Yarlagadda Ranganayakulu Naidu
Chief Donor
Dr. Solasa Satyanarayana
Founder Secretary and Correspondent

1951 1962
1965 1985
Sri Jagarlamudi Sivarama Prasad
Secretary and Correspondent
1962 1984
Sri Jagarlamudi Ramakrishna Prasad
Secretary and Correspondent
1984 1986 and 1992 93
Dr. Y.V. Pratap Kumar
Secretary and Correspondent
1986 89
Dr. Y.E.C. Vidya Sagar
Secretary and Correspondent
1989 92
Smt. Yarlagadda Uma Devi
Chief Donor Representative


Vidya Poshaka Vutukuri Ramayya Sreshti

Founder, Chief Donor & Life President (1951 1965)

Vidya Poshaka and Vidya Data Sri Vutukuri Ramayya Sreshti was the founder and Chief Donor who sowed a sacred seed forVutukuri Ramayya Sreshti College (VRS College) in 1951 for promotion of higher education in this backward region of Chirala. He made an initial donation of Rs. 50,000/- and established the College. The College committee was registered on 4th May 1951 with Sri Vutukuri Ramayya Sreshti as life President and his son-in-law Dr. Solasa Satyanarayana as the Secretary and Correspondent. The College was inaugurated by Sri Bezawada Gopala Reddy, the then Finance Minister of composite Madras State and a close friend of Sri Vutukuri Ramayya Sreshti. The College was housed in the Municipal Elementary School and NR & PM High School and Vutukuri Kotaiah Memorial Hall in the formative years. Sri Vutukuri Ramayya Sreshti and Dr. Satyanarayana have worked relentlessly for the development of the college and they have acquired 110 acres of spacious land away from Chirala and they could complete permanent buildings on war footing by the year 1956. Auditorium is one of the beautiful structures constructed in those times along with other buildings.

            In 1959, Vutukuri Ramayya Sreshti thought of involving Yarlagadda family of Karamchedu in the further development of the College because of his close association with that family. As a result, in 1962, Sri Jagarlamudi Sivarama Prasad has donated Rs. 1,00,000/- from the Yarlagadda Ranganayakulu Charities for the College. This has fulfilled the ambition of long cherished goal of his grandfather Sri Yarlagadda Ranganayakulu Naidu for the cause of education. Sri Vutukuri Ramayya Sreshti also donated another Rs. 50,000/- at the same point of time to strengthen the financial position of the College. Consequently, VRS College has been renamed as VRS & YRN College . Undoubtedly it was the generosity of Vutukuri Ramayya Sreshti that brought this institution into existence. Sri Ramayya Sreshti continued as Founder President of the College till his last breath in the year 1965 and Dr. Solasa Satyanarayana succeeded him as the President.

            Sri Vutukuri Ramayya Sreshti a visionary has dedicated his life for the promotion of education in Chirala town. He is known for philanthropy and made many charities to the social causes and he was inherited of these qualities from his ancestors. His father Vutukuri Kotaiah donated 7 acres of land to Bear Hospital for just receiving medical treatment from the Hospital. That was his generosity to a social cause. 

            Sri Vutukuri Ramayya Sreshti was a friend of Andhra Ratna Duggirala Gopala Krishnaiah and he generously supported his movement in 1921 and helped many people during freedom struggle by serving as Guntur District Congress Board Member. In 1931, he served as Chirala Municipal Chairman as peoples leader who received appreciations from all sections of Society for his selfless services. Sri Vutukuri Ramayya Sreshti constructed Vutukuri Kotaiah Memorial town hall in Chirala in 1944 and he was closely involved in the installation of statues of Mahatma Gandhi and Andhra Ratna Duggirala Gopalakrishnayya in the town. He magnanimously donated money to Chirala High School, Rama Mandiram, Arya Vysya Sangham and Sri Vasavi Kanyaka Parameswari Temple. He was a lover of arts and Culture and served as President of Chirala Lalithakala Smithi. In 1956, the then Governor appointed Sri Vutukuri Ramayya Sreshti as Senate Member of Andhra University for his distinguished services in the field of education. Sri Madandhra Vidya Peetham a religious organisation awarded him as Vidya Poshaka for his exemplary services for promotion of education. The entire elite of Chirala town honoured him for his selfless services and Charity on the occasion of his completion of 60 years in the year 1964. He passed away in June 1965 by creating a void for the college, family and the people of Chirala. Behind a progressive institution of this magnitude, there is driving force of a great visionary like Vutukuri Ramayya Sreshti. 

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Sri Yarlagadda Ranganayakulu Naidu

Chief Donor

Sri Yarlagadda Ranganayakulu Naidu, renowned Industrialist and a great Philanthropist was born to Sri. Yarlagadda Ramanna of Karamchedu. After having realised the importance and promotion of education, Sri. Yarlagadda Ranganayakulu Naidu created a Trust in 1941 and got it registered. He promptly ensured that some portion of his income was credited every year to the Trust. Even before the Trust was formed, he donated some amount to Andhra University Waltair. Since 1941, Sri. Yarlagadda Ranganayakulu Naidu liberally donated to various institutions. Some of them were: Annamalai University, Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada, Bapatla College of Arts and Sciences, Nagarjuna Education Society, Guntur, KDRM Junior College, Turumella, Pedanandipadu Education Development Society, Lions Montissory School, Pedanandipadu, VK College, Buddavaram, Montissory Mahila College, Vijayawada, PSC Municipal High School, Chittor, Yarlagadda Ranganayakulu School, Vodarevu, PBN College, Nidubrolu, SV University, Tirupati etc; He constructed a Chowltry at Karamchedu to provide free food to the poor people and established Sri Yarlagadda Ramannonatha School at Parchur in his fathers name. Sri Yarlagadda Ranganayakulu Naidu was a close friend of Sri Vutukuri Ramayya Sreshti and he wanted to give his helping hand to VRS College . He passed away in the year 1959 without fulfilling his ambition.

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Dr. Solasa Satyanarayana, MBBS

Founder Secretary and Correspondent 1951 1962

President 1965 1985


Dr. Solasa Satyanarayana, an Educationalist and a great Philanthropist was born to Sri Solasa Bapanaiah garu in 1909 at Rajahmundry, a place well known for people of service and sacrifice. Dr. Satyanarayana studied Intermediate at Kakinada Govt. College and MBBS in Andhra Medical College at Vishakapatnam in 1936. On completion of his medical course, he worked as Civil Surgeon at Eluru and Narsapur and later served in ILTD division of ITC at Chirala for two decades and attained popularity as an eminent Doctor. Dr. Satyanarayana was given an extension of another 6 years in ILTD in recognition of his accomplished services.

His father Sri Solasa Bapanaiah was a freedom fighter, a Nationalist and also served as Municipal Chairman of Rajahmundry. Dr. Satyanarayana got married to Smt. Suseela, the only daughter of Vutukuri Ramayya Sreshti who was also the Chairman of Chirala Municipality. He has three sons and three daughters. His eldest son Sri V.V. Ramachandra Vasu, the present President of Governing Body. His second son Sri. Siva Prasad recently retired as the Head of the Physical Education Department of the College.

Dr. Solasa Satyanarayana continued the mission of Education with service motive and foresight along with his father-in-law as the Secretary and Correspondent from the year 1951 to 1962.He was instrumental in acquiring 110 acres of spacious land away fro Chirala town for the construction of permanent buildings.

Dr. Solasa Satyanarayana laid the foundation stone for the first building in February 1953 in the college campus. By 1956, some buildings were constructed and a magnificent Auditorium and Gymnasium had come up. Now, the auditorium after renovation work has been named after Dr. S. Satyanarayana and Sri. J. Sivarama Prasad. After the demise of his father-in-law Sri Vutukuri Ramayya Sreshti, Dr. Satyanarayana became the president in 1965. During tenure, PG building of ground floor and first floor was constructed. The college was recognised as the lead college in Prakasam District. In 1977, Modi Eye camp was organised under the able guidance of Dr. Satyanarayana in the college campus where hundreds of poor people were provided free treatment for their eye ailments. During 1977 College Silver Jubilee Celebrations were held under his presidentship with all gaiety and grandeur. Several outstanding people from the Government and the academics participated in the celebrations and he was well appreciated for the success of those celebrations.  

Positions Held by Dr. Solasa Satyanarayana

     Secretary, Indian Medical Association, Chirala Branch.

     President, Rotary Club, Chirala.

     Advisory Member, Y.A. Govt. College , Chirala.

     President, Karumuri Seetaramanujamma and Sheshavataram Charities, Chirala.

     President, Geetamandiram, Chirala.

     Member, Vasavi Trust Board, Chirala.

     President, Satyasaibaba Seva Samithi, Chirala.

Dr. Solasa Satyanarayana has liberally donated Rs. 1,00,000/- for the construction of Kalyanamandam in Sri Kanyaka Parameswari Temple complex. He was a staunch devotee of Satya Sai Baba and was so religious and used to give discourses to the staff and students. He was a man of simple living and high thinking with a great vision for future. He served the College as founder Secretary for one decade and as President for two decades with all distinction and strived hard for its growth. He passed away in 1985 by leaving the College, family and the people of Chirala.  

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Sri Jagarlamudi Sivarama Prasad

Secretary and Correspondent 1962 1984

Sri Jagarlamudi Sivarama Prasad son of J Ramaiah Choudary had his primary education at Karamchedu and high School Education at Chirala. Later he studied Intermediate at Loyola College, Chennai and B.A. at Annamalai University. He was the First Graduate from Karamchedu Village in those days. After his education, Sri Sivarama Prasad carried his business in Fertilizers, Tobacco and Coal along with Agriculture.

             After the untimely death of Yarlagadda Ramanadha Babu Son of Yarlagadda Ranganayakulu Naidu, Sri Sivarama Prasad shouldered the responsibility of the Trust created by Sri Ranganayakulu Naidu, his grandfather. He donated Rs. 1,00,000/- from the Trust to VRS College in the pursuit of its growth Sri Ramayya Sreshti also gave Rs. 50,000/-to improve the financial position of the College. Subsequently, the college has been renamed as VRS & YRN College. Sri Jagarlamudi Sivarama Prasad became the Secretary and Correspondent in 1962 and he successfully steered the administration of the College quite effectively. The College has grown manifold in various respects under the able leadership of Sri Jagarlamudi Sivarama Prasad and Dr. Solasa Satyanarayana, the then President of the College Committee. Opening of a well furnished hostel, Auditorium and Gymnasium, Introduction of M.Com course in 1974 1975, B.Sc.(Oil Tech) course in 1980 and MBA course in 1984 were some of the landmarks during their tenure. The College has pioneered in starting self finance courses under their guidance. College Silver Jubilee Celebrations were held in 1977 on completion of 25 Years of eventful service in the field of Higher Education with all gaiety and enthusiasm under their leadership.

Positions held by Sri Jagarlamudi Sivarama Prasad

      Secretary and Correspondent of Pedanandipadu College of Arts and Sciences

      Founding Member of Bapatla Arts and Science College.

      Correspondent of Yarlagadda Ramanna High School , Parchur.

      Secretary; AP Private Colleges Management Association.

Sri Jagarlamudi Sivarama Prasad was a friend of Acharya Ranga and Kotta Raghuramaiah veterans in politics. He used to help the poor students financially when approached. He took keen interest in promoting sports and games in the College. He visited USA, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan at the instance of Lions and Rotary Clubs. Sri Jagarlamudi Sivarama Prasad passed away in 1984. He has put his indelible mark in the development of the College with his visionary zeal.

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Sri Jagarlamudi Ramakrishna Prasad

Secretary and Correspondent: 1984 1986 and 1992 93

 Sri Jagarlamudi Ramakrishna Prasad was the third son of Sri J. Lakshmi Narayana, Ex-MLA and the elder brother of Sri J. Sivarama Prasad. Sri Ramakrishna Prasad was adopted to Sri J. Sivarama Prasad. He was alumni of the college and took B.Com degree in 1967. After the demise of his father Sri J. Sivarama Prasad in 1984, he assumed the office of Secretary and Correspondent of the College. He served as Secretary in two spells i.e. during 1984 86 and 1992 93. He served the College till his last breath with distinction.

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Dr. Y.V. Pratap Kumar, MBBS

Secretary and Correspondent: 1986 89


Dr. Yalamanchi Veera Pratap Kumar had his primary education at Turumella in Guntur district. He completed his Intermediate course at AVN College later MBBS at Andhra Medical College in Vishakapatnam. On completion of his medical course Sri Pratap Kumar has set up Sudha Nursing Home at Chirala in 1950. Since then, he has been serving the people of Chirala and surrounding areas with all commitment and gradually proved himself to be an efficient doctor. Dr. Pratap Kumar proved medical facilities to the staff and students of the college in the capacity of general body member of the college from 1952 to 1986. Dr. Y.V. Pratap Kumar served as Secretary and correspondent of the College for three years from 1986 to 1989 and contributed his wisdom in its development.

Positions held by Dr. Y.V. Pratap Kumar

      Adhoc Secretary of YS Govt. College for women, Chirala.

      President of KDR Memorial Junior College Committee.

      Secretary of Lions Club, Chirala.

      Secretary of IMA Chirala Branch.

      Secretary of Chirala Cultural Association.

      President of Chirala Womens Educational Development Society.

Dr. Y.V. Pratap Kumar takes lot of care for maintaining good health of the people of Chirala and surrounding areas and offers his help for the development of Society. 

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Dr. Y.E.C. Vidya Sagar, MBBS.

Secretary and Correspondent: 1989 92

            Dr. Yarlagadda Eswarachadra Vidya Sagar was born to Sri Nannapaneni Gopala Rao of Tenali. He was an adopted son of Sri Yarlagadda Ramanadha Babu Son of Yarlagadda Ranganayakulu Naidu. He had his high school education at Karamchedu and PUC at Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada. After completing MBBS course at Rangaraya Medical College in Kakinada, Dr. Vidya Sagar worked as Orthopedic Surgeon for 5 Years in United Kingdom and returned to India by gaining considerable experience. He extended free medical services to the people in his place after his return from abroad. He worked hard to transform the Chowltry constructed by Yarlagadda Ranganayakulu Naidu into a beautiful Kalyana Madapam in the Village. He was known for philanthropy and he was very simple in his style of living despite his affluence. Dr. Vidya Sagar served as Secretary and Correspondent of the College during
1989 1992. He provided all moral support and administrative skills to his sister Smt. J. Lakshmi Bhavani, the present Secretary and correspondent of the college in the initial years of her assuming the Secretaryship of the college. HE passed away in January 1996. He was popularly known as Sagar Babu. 

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Smt. Yarlagadda Uma Devi

Chief Donor Representative

Smt. Yarlagadda Umadevi wife of Late Sri Y.E.C. Vidya Sagar is the Chief Donor representative and present Governing Body Member of the College Committee. She is the only daughter of Sri. Jagarlamudi Lakshmaiah Chowdary. Smt. Umadevi has been a source of strength to the College and she actively worked for the successful conduct of Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the College in the year 2001. She is known for Philanthropy and benevolence. 

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